Attractions, trips and sport facilities in Vásárosnamény:

Vásárosnamény is known as the “Bereg Gate”, a small town in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary, by the junction of three rivers the Tisza, the Szamos and the Karaszna. It can be easily reached from Nyíregyháza, on one of the country’s most beautiful main road (the 41 highway), but of course this 50km distance can also conveniently done by train.

The town today, is made out of four smaller townships (Vásárosnamény, Vitka, Gergelyi and Ugornya) as well as two ranches. First, in 1969, Vásárosnamény united with Vitka and Gergelyiugornya, then in 1979 it became a city.

Vásárosnamény has outstanding touristic potentials in the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county and it is the Upper Tisza region’s most important resort. The sandy open beach - by the Gergelyugornya Tisza beach – is visited by tens of thousands of people every summer. The nearly 400 wooden resorts built around it, form an actual holiday resort on the sandy beach. During the day as well as swimming and sunbathing, there is also plenty of opportunity to try out water sports, while in the evenings outdoor stage shows and music entertain the visitors. The neighbouring Tiszavirág camping by the resort is a popular resting place for the water tour lovers.

In addition to the open sandy beach, the Atlantica Water Park is only 800 m from the Tisza-Szamos junction and it offers a guaranteed fun day out to kids as well as adults. The “Szilva” Thermal and Wellness Bath built on the bank of River Kraszna welcomes those who have a desire for healing, relaxation and revitalization all year around.

The city's prominent landmarks also include the Bereg Museum, where the landscape’s history, as well as its unique archaeological and ethnological values are on display.


Other activities:

1., Trips to Bereg, Szatmár (Vásárosnamény, Tákos, Csaroda, Tarpa, Szatmárcseke, Túristvándi, Tiszacsécse)

2., Trips to Zemplén (around Sárospatak; Boldogkőváralja, Vizsoly, Regéc, Telkibánya, Kéked, Óhuta, Újhuta, Háromhuta, Füzér, Hollóháza,)

3., Sightseeing in Nyíregyháza, Nyírbátor, Máriapócs, Nagykálló

4., Excursion to Romania
     a., Szatmárnémeti, Majtényi Plain, Nagykároly, Adyfalva, Erdőd
     b., Misztótfalu, Nagybánya, Koltó, Aknasugatag, Máramarossziget, Szaplonca

5., Trips to Kárpátaljára (Beregszász, Munkács, Verecke)

6. Quadding and riding possibilities