About us

Vásárosnamény is known as the “Bereg Gate”, a small town in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary, by the junction of three rivers the Tisza, the Szamos and the Karaszna. It’s an ancient tradition of the people of Bereg to look after their visitors and because of their genuine hospitality, an uplifting good mood is guaranteed to holiday and business guests or those passing through. In this welcoming environment was built the Winkler Guesthouse and Restaurant.

Our family business offers charming accommodations and high quality service in hospitality since 1998. The business wasn’t only recognised by the Winkler House Protectorate but it was also given the ‘Commerce Business of the Year’ title in Szabolcs Szatmár Bereg County as well as the Rosmary award in 2014. Our guesthouse furniture is a blend of traditional, natural and modern style so in addition to the unique pine furniture there is a satellite TV, air-conditioner as well as free WIFI available.

In addition to our local home-made dishes, the restaurant’s guests also have a variety of choices from some of the most popular dishes of modern day cuisine. The restaurant can accommodate up to 120 people while there is also an excellent choice for family and formal events in our spacious, yet cosy garden which creates a welcoming atmosphere with its showroom kitchen displaying a furnace and grill.

We genuinely believe that all our guests leave with a pleasant experience, whether they are on holiday or on a business trip and that we’ll be fortunate enough to see them again soon, as returning guests and as friends.